San Diego Gas & Electric


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San Diego Gas & Electric

With Sensis Agency in Los Angeles as the lead agency, we led the Drupal development and infrastructure piece of the San Diego Gas & Electric website redesign and launch. By leveraging open source and Performance Agile development workflows, we were able to deliver a beautifully-designed new website for this public utility, the first public utility to migrate to the Drupal platform. The client wanted rapid development and the ability to train their own internal team on managing the website after the job was complete. We integrated their growing team into our development team. Not only did the client and the client's project owners learn how to operate the site, but they helped build it too. Another challenge of building a public utility on an open source platform is security. In the post-9/11 era, utilities are considered high-value targets for enemies of our country. SDG&E underwent extensive security testing and auditing, to include workflows developed by Hyde Interactive to prevent mischief and maximize performance. The mobile site is under active development right now.


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